Engage - A Storytelling Course For Bloggers


This is an 8-week course, teaching bloggers how to use storytelling to hook audiences, brand themselves effectively, master their communication and sales strategy...and, of course, tell amazing stories in their blog.

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                                       This course consists of:

 - E-mail lessons three times a week, including weekly challenges to put into practice what you've learned

 - Optional audio versions of all lessons (downloadable mp3 format), so you can listen offline while on the go

 - PDF guides, including “” and ““

 - 1-to-1 support and access to the course’s private Facebook Group for feedback and exclusive supplementary material

 - A final exam that will audit your story, giving you a plan to implement everything you’ve learnt.

- A 30-minute Skype consultation, taken at any time, to discuss the future of your blog

 - LIFETIME ACCESS! You can retake the course any time – and you’ll have access to extra material coming in the future, including interviews, webinars and more!

                       When You Purchase This Course....

1) ...you get the introductory PDF (see below), which gives details about how it all works, including access to the Facebook Group and document archives...

2) ...and the purchase will immediately trigger the email lesson queue, which will start delivering the course to you, email by email, over the next 8 weeks (with links to downloadable mp3 versions of all the lessons, and access to all other material and services included in , as listed above).

Many thanks! And if you have any questions, please email me directly at:

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Engage - A Storytelling Course For Bloggers